Songs About Texas

I live in Ireland, but I’m headed home to Texarkana. I said a version of this last week waiting in line for a flight to Dallas from Philadelphia with a fellow TXK-an, statistical anomaly thy name is airport, and was treated to wry side eye and a comment about getting out and being dragged back. […]


This morning I woke up to an email from the copy editor. I’ve had a content editor for the story and an everything-else editor for the authors note and other not-story stuff, and now I’ve had a copy editor and get this—she liked it! She called it a “wonderful manuscript”! She said she had a […]

Welcome Lovelies

Thanks for joining me! So this is a website? My website. The place where I put the stuff. What stuff? Who knows- definitely not me. This is a learning process and patience will be much appreciated as we fumble through this together. In short, thank you for being here, for showing interest and showing up. […]