About the Author

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Jennifer deBie was born in north east Texas in a tiny town you haven’t heard of. She was raised on The Chronicles of Narnia, The Little House on the PrairieRedwall, and The Jungle Book (the real one, “We be of one blood thee and I”). When she ran outside, it was with four large dogs in tow to help her find her way home again before supper.

When she started choosing books for herself, her authors ran the gauntlet of Kristin Cashore, Tamora Pierce, Johnathan L. Howard, and Cassandra Claire, with jaunts into Christoper Paolini, Lemony Snickett, and Eoin Colfer. She has since discovered Neil Gaimen, Colm Toibin, Koushun Takami, and Susan Owens’ fabulous history of the Ghost in western society.

She studied English and Spanish at Angelo State University in west Texas where she made friends and decisions that continue to shape her life to this day. After earning the undergraduate degree she left Texas for a time, and currently lives in Ireland where she earned an MA in Creative Writing in 2017 and is currently working on a PhD studying Mary Shelley and Frankenstein. She keeps a historic severed head story in her back pocket of all times and reads poetry in her free moments to help take the edge off.

Her friends call her Jenni.