Making Genre

In the opening chapter of his Major Labels: A History of Popular Music in Seven Genres, music critic and journalist Kelefa Sanneh makes the observation that Musicians, I have learned, generally hate talking about genres. And reasonably enough: it’s not their job. Virtually every music interview I have conducted has elicited some version of the […]

Friends Like These

All my life I have been lucky to have creative friends. Authors, poets, essayists, academics, bloggers, incredible writers who I have known in person and met online. Fascinating, wonderful people who I admire greatly, and who have made me a better person and writer through connection. Someday I’ll tell you more about them. But for […]

Heretic is Live!

Well that was quick! Heretic is officially available on Kindle through your favorite Amazon marketplace. For those of you who prefer hard copies (I do too), my publisher doesn’t print physical books until 200 ebooks are sold. I’ve bought mine, so it’s only 199 to go, team! Below you can read a sample of the […]

The Lockdown Novel

My favorite part of researching literature is contextualizing the text. I know, I know – That is a punishingly boring thing to set in stone as a favorite anything, but let me explain. Basically, my favorite part of research is the fact that I get to be as nosy and gossipy as I want about […]