The Images we Share

Pieces of one of the costumes I will be modeling, should modeling happen. Photo credit to the loveliest Silver.     A friend recently asked me to pose for some pictures. The friend is an artist, the pictures will be modeling the elaborate costumes that she builds. Costumes inspired by video games and comics, making […]

Fire on Stage

What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! -Hamlet, II.ii   Almost two decades ago, my parents took […]

Can I tell you about my week?

Bantry Bay as seen from Bantry House The only genre is quality. -Sarah Davis Goff Bantry Bookshop, 18.7.19 In April 2016 I finished my classroom coursework for a Masters in Creative Writing from University College Cork and began on my first summer in Ireland. Not my first abroad, but that is a story for another […]

“Widely Published”

  Edinburgh, as seen from Arthur’s Seat. June, 2019   There are certain phrases authors use when we’re writing the 100-word biographies that every publisher, regardless of field, seems to ask for. “Widely published” is shorthand, a sign that you’re going to list about three titles that you’ve appeared in, but don’t worry there’s more […]

Do you not know?

That all who run the race run, but only one receives the prize. Run in such a way that you may obtain it. I Cor. 9:24   Today I watched a track meet during my lunch break. Not a real meet. Not a Texas meet with hours of events and a schedule that’s never accurate […]

Theranos and other Lies

    “…the mind trapped in a female body, confined to the realm of appearances, must necessarily atrophy.” Alexander, pp. 40   I came across this quote in my reading today. It is the product of a modern writer’s interpretation of Mary Wollstonecraft’s critique of Rousseau’s plan, or lack thereof, for female education. Jean Jacques […]

50 Million of Anything is Something

Last week, a ticker that I watch count up every day put 7 zeros and a 5 on the board. 50 million trees planted by groups all over the world. The ticker is on the home-screen of, a search engine that I’ve had installed on my computer since last year. This company devotes the […]

Frankenstein is not my favorite book

Photo taken at Drombeg Stone Circle, Glandore Co. Cork.      Frankenstein is not my favorite book. There is a list of texts: novels, short stories, biographies, poetry, that I turn and return to time and again when I need to leave the world lie for a spell and live on my own. These are […]

Can you see the unicorn?

  A child came to my house this week and asked to see the unicorn that goes round and round and round. Before we continue, can I just say that kids ask the darndest things? Having danced tribes of 8-12 year olds through summers at Girl Scout camp, I’ve fielded a few doozies. My favorite […]

Songs About Texas

I live in Ireland, but I’m headed home to Texarkana. I said a version of this last week waiting in line for a flight to Dallas from Philadelphia with a fellow TXK-an, statistical anomaly thy name is airport, and was treated to wry side eye and a comment about getting out and being dragged back. […]