Book Reviews

In late 2020 I started reviewing for Rosie Amber Book Reviews for fun and networking and exposure and all those responsible things that authors who actually want to sell their books are supposed to do. That also means that I have a library of content that hasn’t been posted here for inexplicable reasons, so here they are. Posted months after their initial appearance on Rosie’s blog for… reasons. All the reasons.

Please don’t contact me about reviewing your book, I’m not looking to get into the vetting game. Contact Rosie here, and she can decide on that.

On this page you’ll find a range of anthologies, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and everything in between. Some good, some bad, some excellent. Such is the mixed bag that is book reviewing.

The plan is to post a review every other Wednesday, at least until I’ve exhausted my existing review library, but we’ll see what happens.

Cheers lovelies!



American Dreamer, C. McMaster 5/5

An Idle King, A Paterson 4/5

Arriving Through Time, H. Barksdale 4/5

Ash Tuesday, Ariadne Blayde 5/5

Asperfell, J. Thomas 5/5

Bethany Chiller, Steven Deighan 4/5

Black Entry, R. P. Sheehan 4/5

Black, White, and Gray All Over: A Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement, F. Reynolds 5/5

Blind Turn, C.S. Achterberg 3.5/5, 4/5

Charlie Smithers: Adventures in Arran, C.W. Lovatt 4/5

Covenant of Shihala, The L.V. Smith & K. Dean 5/5

Creation– B. Larssen 5/5

Cromby’s Axiom, G. J. Kirchner


Dark Hunter, F.J. Watson 5/5

Dead Boxes, The – J.R. Leonard 5/5

Dead Letters, S. Lowe 4/5

Dolly Pleasance, C.W. Lovatt 5/5

Drowning Land, The – D. M. Donachie 5/5

Everlong, R. Raeta 5/5

Fallen: A John Keegan Novel, The– J. Misak 5/5

Flight in the Heavens, A– G. Gagné-Cyr 3.5/5


In the Shadow of Ruin, T. Debajo 4/5

Hearth & Bard Tales #1 (Vasilisa) M.L. Farb 5/5

Hearth & Bard Tales #2 (Fourth Sister) M.L. Farb, 5/5

Hearth & Bard Tales #3 (Heartless Hette) M.L. Farb, 5/5

Hearth & Bard Tales Novelletts (#1.5, #2.5, #3.5) M.L. Farb 5/5


Jailbird’s Jackpot, The- P. J. Colando 2/5

John Eyre: A Tale of Darkness & Shadows – M. Matthews 5/5

Kill Karma, K.L. Marsh 4/5

Kings and Queens– J. N. Eagles 4/5

Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths: From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation– J. N. Abraham 5/5

Letters to Bizzy- J. Tabor 5/5

Lilacs in the Dust Bowl, D. Stevan 5/5

Lost Coast Literary, E. Alexander 5/5

Lumbermill, The- L.V. Smith 5/5


Madam Tulip & the Rainbow’s End, D. Ahern 4/5

Mermaid and the Bear, The– A. Sinclair 5/5

Miss Wetherham’s Wedding by L.R. Burkhard, 4/5

My First Five Years at Sea by J. Tabor 5/5


Pelham on Parole, C. Plummer, 5/5

portraits of red and gray: memoir poems, J. Morehead 5/5

Rizzio, D. Mina 5/5


Seal of Sulyaman, The L.V. Smith, K. Dean 5/5

Shivering Ground and Other Stories, The S. Barkat 5/5

Sin Eater, A. Denham 5/5

Soulwinder, T.D. Bow 5/5

Strung, Roske 5/5

Sunflowers Under Fire, D. Stevan 5/5

Thirteen Gates, The – E. Gahr 3/5

This is Our Undoing, L. Wilson 5/5

This is Us: Black British Women and Girls, K. Okanlawon 5/5

Twicetime, C. Carman 4/5

Undead, M. Brendan 4/5


Writerdown: Lockdown in the Galloway Glens– The Galloway Writers 5/5

Complete Series

Hearth and Bard Tales M.L. Farb

#1 Vasilisa

#2 Fourth Sister

#3 Heartless Hette

Companion Novelletts

The Fires of Qaf Laya V. Smith & Kyro Dean

Book One: The Covenant of Shihala

Book Two: The Seal of Sulayman

Book Three: The Haunting of the Immortal Killer