A Time to Take Pictures

There are times for words and times for actions, times for art and music and protest. There are times to walk out into the world and say Today There Will Be Change, because change is good and evolution is powerful.

There are times to hide. Times of fear. Times of distress and anger and, times when the world screams down on all of us and we’re forced to scream back.

The Bible and Byrds both say something to that effect.

And in the spirit of all of these different ‘times’, there are also times to dress up in a cool costume and pose for a goddamn photoshoot.

Axe, distance, watermark

A couple of weeks ago was the latter.


Axe, looking off, watermark

When we first got the pictures, a friend told me he thought the ax would be bigger…

Chibi Barb, watermark

Chibi version!

knife toss, watermark

Brownie points to anyone who guesses the number of tosses it took before we had a few decent versions of this shot.

Hint: I honestly don’t know the correct answer.

Leaning, watermark

Jenni, lean on that tree. No not on that way! The other way. Don’t crush the shoulder guard!  Look off into the distance! You’re just casually leaning against this tree. And stand straighter!

knife two hands, watermark

Hold it! Right there! Flex your bicep a little! You are a badass. It’s okay that you haven’t been doing crunches. You are a badass. Your bra is not too tight. You are a badass.

Tracking, watermark

Now crouch and look like your tracking something.

Is this a snake hole I’m staring at?

You’re tracking something, don’t get distracted.

I think it’s a snake hole.

It’s probably not a snake hole.

Are you sure?


And finally, friends, the artist herself, Silver! Who put a wig on in solidarity!

Friends! better watermark

Notice how this was taken post-shoot and we’re both a little sunburnt.

There are, of course, dozens more pictures and poses from this shoot. These will be forthcoming on the artist’s Instagram!

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!

Chase thunder lovelies, until next time!

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